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Sunday, 05 August 2012 17:03

The History of Aloe

Since thousands years, Aloe Vera is considered "miraculous" healing plant. In India, believe that Aloe came to earth as a gift from the Garden of Eden. There are reports of aloe at least 6,000 years old. According to tradition in Ancient Egypt, Nefertiti and Cleopatra used the nutritious juice of the aloe vera for daily care. The "plant of immortality" as it was called, was used to be accompanied the dead Pharaoh both as a material for embalmment and on their way to the Valley of the Kings.

For the sake of aloe, Alexander the Great, conquered the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean known for its plantations and processing of aloe.
Greeks and Romans were aware of the properties of the plant.


Critical thinkers such as Kelso, from the time of Jesus Christ, the Roman physicist Pliny the Elder and Greek Dioscorides, all supported the therapeutic importance of Aloe Vera. Dioscorides (1st century AD) wrote that this plant with the bitter taste and strong odor had "the power to relax or bring sleep, to firm the body, relax your belly and cleanse your stomach ". In addition, to "stop you to spit blood and cleanse your liver" and eventually "heal properly, ulcers of genital herpes ". Dioscorides, wrote ‘’On Materia Medica’’, from which these translated around 70-90 AD.

The 15th century, Aloe searched by the Jesuits, in Spain. Having read the Greek and Roman manuscripts, when they accompanied the explorers on their journeys to New Countries, gathered wild aloe and planted where didn’t exist. In this way, was spread to other areas.

Over the years people were convinced about the amazing healing powers of Aloe that was transmitted in time mainly from folklore and myth.

Nowadays, Aloe draws attention again as more and more people - and scientists - are turning to more traditional and natural therapies that have "forgotten" for many years.

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