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Infinite firming complex

An exclusive beauty supplement!
infinite by Forever firming complex
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infinite by Forever firming complex
infinite by Forever firming complex

Firming Complex is an exclusive beauty supplement aimed at reducing the effects of aging on the skin from the inside. The tablets contain a good mix of French melon concentrate, phytoceramide's (wheat lipid extract) and marine collagen.

It reduces the visibility of wrinkles and stimulates hydration and the flexibility of the skin. Powerful phytoceramide's complement the ceramides present in the skin naturally. Ceramides support hydration, for a radiant and young looking skin. Firming complex is gluten free.

A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Use: Take two tablets per day. For best results take in the morning.
Allergens: fish and wheat.

60 tablets

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