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Protecting Day Lotion

Nourish and protect your skin with Aloe, mushroom extract and over 20 skin conditioning ingredients, plus the power of broad spectrum mineral sunscreen with SPF 20.
Protecting Day Lotion
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Shields against harmful UV rays with broad spectrum natural mineral sunscreen 

Powerful botanicals deliver moisture and protection 

Start your day off right by arming your face against environmental aggressors and harmful UV rays! Protecting day lotion is lodaded with lush fruit and herbal extracts, including the Crambe plant with an unusually high amount of fatty acids in its oil, which improves skin's tone and texture. Watermelon extract with high amounts of antioxidants helps fight against oxidative processes. 

Combining natural mineral sunscreens, titanium dioxide and zinc with allantoin, known for its gentle properties to soothe skin, helps make this THE perfect daily lotion.

Moisturize and protect with protecting day lotion SPF 20. 



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