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The Future of Forever Aloe Vera Gel is Coming

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As with every company, there is one iconic product that is the cornerstone of its business. We all know Forever's icon as that little yellow Aloe Vera Gel bottle that represents decades of opportunity and passion. 

You can see the familiar yellow hue on iPhone cases, backpacks and even the cherished luggage that so many FBOs travel with around the world. However, as with every iconic product, evolution is inevitable - innovation is the way forward for success. 

As Rex once said, "The speed and vastness of innovation in our world today is simply breathtaking. So many new and wonderful ideas are being brought to effective use, improving lives around the world." 

Available in countries in 2018, Forever is introducing a new way to experience Forever Aloe Vera Gel® - in Tetra Pak® packaging. 

As we continue to grow as a company, we strive to find ways we can make a positive impact on the environment. This innovative new packaging is made from seven layers of 100% recyclable materials. Plus, it is assembled at the time of filling, creating greater efficiency in manufacturing. It will not only offer a sleeker way to store and ship the product all over the world, but will also fit more easily in your fridge! 

But Tetra Pak® packaging has done more than just allow us to make vast improvements to the way Forever Aloe Vera Gel® fits in your hands and in our warehouses - because we know it's what's inside that really counts. We're excited to announce that this new type of packaging will allow us to move forward with preservative free formulas of your favorite gel drinks in the future, making them even more fresh from plant to product to you! This also means that you'll get even more nutrients and benefits from the Aloe Vera plants we grow and harvest.

"As I learned more about Tetra Pak® Technology and its benefits and saw the new artwork, I felt confident that this was a powerful evolution for Forever and a big step into the future!" - Rex Maughan.   

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