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«Plant of Burns»
«The Doctor in the pot»
«The plant of immortality»
«The plant first aid»
«The Magic Wand of Heaven»

It's only a few of the names that have given the true Aloe through years and in different world regions.

The gel inside the leaf can benefit people as drinking juice and can even be combined with other ingredients for creams and lotions that are used locally, nourish the skin and improve its quality.

The juice of Aloe when consumed on a daily basis (60-120ml) promotes the removal of toxins, helps in healthy digestion, promotes cell regeneration, improves absorption of nutrients, but mostly, intervenes complementary in body’s self healing system.

The results from its continuous and chronic use are due to the synergy of its nutrient. Their combined effect is the one that achieves very strong results than if each element was on its own.

Another key feature of the beneficial properties of aloe is that it operates as Adapter. I.e. giving each body exactly what it needs.

It is however pointed out that aloe is not a panacea. Aloe Vera works subsidiary in a body, as there is no sufficient by itself to protect him from any disease. But it has remarkable results when used in conjunction with a good, balanced diet and exercise.

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