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The Authentic Aloe

Nowadays, you can find in markets a lot of products based in Aloe Vera. Which of them really contain the authentic aloe,without distortions?
How can one be sure of the quality of the product that buys?


Commercial Law, seems that it can provide only a small protection.
The first thing one should be looking at, is if the product has been rewarded by the International Aloe Scientific Council (IASC) Seal.
This Seal,guarantees the authenticity but not the content of Aloe.
If you find a product with a 100% content Seal,you should be suspicious as that would be impossible! Aloe, is a plant that needs preservatives. Without them, the product will spoil in a week and will reach the consumer spoiled,for sure. The best thing you can count, is a 98% of Aloe.

The juice of Aloe of Forever Living Products was the first earned the Seal of the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) and the first that used in test for the placebo control as a treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It is,with arguments, the best-selling worldwide Aloe.
The content of polysaccharides is within the normal framework of the IASC, and varies from 1500 to 3000 mg / L, depending on time of harvest of the plant. The clear gel is 97% to 98% and the remainder includes 62 ppm aloin and preservatives Potassium and Sodium Benzoate. Unlike many compe-titors, which use the whole leaf Aloe Vera, Forever uses only the inside of the leaf. The company argues that there is evidence to indicate that the whole leaf is more active, that is a debatable issue (in aloe’s industry). 

Forever, cultivating their own plantations, in its own farmlands, can from the outset to say that knows all stages of production, since the seed is planted until the leaves are ripe for harvest.
It can thus be assured that are no insecticides or pesticides been used on its farmland, that the Aloe gel is derived only from the interior of mature leaves, which is in the most powerful range of Aloe, the Aloe Barbadensis Miller.     


In this way, is absolutely sure that the supplies it uses are the best, while as soon as they are collected, are being transported in privately owned factories. Knowing so, the exact stabilization process of the gel, storage temperature of products after packaging, can guarantee not only the origins of Aloe, but that remains as pure as collected.
In addition, Forever implements a patented stabilization process that makes the juice, as demonstrated by the analysis of the Food and Drug Laboratories of New York, virtually identical to the raw gel from the plant.
100% Stabilized Aloe is offering, since Aloe is no reconstructed by gel that has been drained by freezing, while using only the gel from the inside of the leaf and not the whole leaf.
In particular, it is no added to this, artificial colors or perfumes, bleaching factors, is not diluted or mixed with honey or water.
If compare the nutrients contained in a leaf of the aloe plant with the nutrients contained in the Aloe Forever, you will discover that their content is almost identical and in some cases higher in the Aloe Forever, due to the synergy of other herbal ingredients that have been added to it.

The Forever, uses only natural stabilizers and natural ingredients to maintain the quality of the pure gel:
• Citric acid is produced from solutions of sugar and citrus, including lemons, limes and oranges.
• Potassium sorbate salt that is in physical form in fresh berries of the mountain Ash.
• Sodium Benzoate produced from fruits such as berries and other wild berries.
• Tocopherol, that is Vitamin E, produced from wheat germ oil, rice and other vegetable oils.
• Xanthan gum (xanthen) derived from plants such as kelp.
• Ascorbic acid, also known as very important for the body Vitamin C.

Even using:
• Sorbitol-a natural sweetener made from corn.
• Papini-natural sweetener from papaya.
• Fructose-sugar fruits.

The Forever, is the first company acquired the Seal of Approval by the International Aloe Science Council, while according to English independent surveys , Forever Aloe, is the purest and with the most content of Aloe Vera on the market (Proof, Vol. 6, n. 8, March 2002).
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