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It is a common belief, nowadays, that traditional trade is in crisis.
Many consumers, understanding the relation between quality and price( low price product=poor quality) are led to a different consuming model.
In that, consumer is been awarded for his trust with special prices throughout the entire year, with cash refund in his account while enjoying qualitative and effective products.
That exactly ‘Forever Living Products’ offers, being the biggest production and distribution company of Aloe Vera worldwide, with constant market presence since 1978.

So, choosing Forever, I earn:
1. A 15%-30%+5% LIFETIME discount
2. Qualitative products, based in Aloe Vera

How it works:
Register, is free.
• From the first order, I enjoy special price minus 15%, provided that my order be at 55.00 Euros with the discount.
• Furthermore, the delivery in my home, is free.
• If in two consecutive months, make purchases of 465,00 Euros then I buy wholesale, that is at 30%+5% discount.
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